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N+N Redundancy: An Imperative Shield for Data Centers

Rohan Sheth

December 19, 2023

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In the dynamic realm of technology, where downtime is intolerable, data centers serve as the linchpin for myriad operations. Among the myriad strategies employed to ensure seamless services, N+N redundancy emerges as a pivotal approach. This principle revolves around maintaining “two of everything” within a data center, presenting a transformative impact on operations.

The High Stakes of Downtime

In the digital landscape, downtime surpasses inconvenience; it equates to financial losses, tarnished reputations, and compromised operations. Tier-4 rated data centers, designed for an impressive 99.995% uptime, face challenges such as power failures, generator malfunctions, UPS system glitches, and cooling breakdowns. The Uptime Institute’s Annual Outages Analysis for 2023 underscores that 44% of incidents were power-related, emphasising the urgent need for robust redundancy measures.

At its essence, N+N redundancy acts as a bulwark against the unforeseen. With duplicate systems poised to seamlessly take over in the face of failure, this redundancy strategy becomes indispensable, safeguarding against generator hiccups, power feed disruptions, or cooling system glitches, ensuring uninterrupted client power.

The Financial Toll of Downtime

The ITIC’s 11th Annual Hourly Cost of Downtime survey underscores the financial repercussions of downtime. Remarkably, 40% of enterprises report that an hour of downtime can cost between $1 million to over $5 million. This positions the investment in N+N redundancy not merely as a technological choice but a critical financial decision for businesses reliant on data center operations.

While power redundancy is the cornerstone of N+N redundancy, cooling redundancy plays an equally vital role. Effective cooling backup systems become imperative, preventing rapid overheating of computer equipment. Furthermore, multiple telecommunications paths guard against line cuts and failures, with robust security systems acting as a shield against data loss.

The benefits of N+N data center redundancy are multifaceted:

• Unparalleled Uptime: N+N redundancy provides the highest level of uptime, ensuring continuous data center operations even in the face of multiple component failures. This is particularly crucial for businesses reliant on constant data availability, such as financial institutions and e-commerce platforms.

• Enhanced Reliability: By eliminating single points of failure, N+N redundancy significantly enhances data center reliability, reducing the risk of downtime, data loss, and service disruptions, with severe financial and reputational consequences.

• Proactive Maintenance: With two of each critical component, data centers can conduct proactive maintenance without disrupting operations. This allows for regular system checks, cleaning, and upgrades, further elevating overall colocation data center reliability.

• Improved Disaster Recovery: N+N redundancy facilitates faster and more effective disaster recovery. In the event of a major outage or natural disaster, data centers can swiftly switch to redundant components, restoring services promptly, and minimising downtime and associated costs.

The significance of the “two of everything” approach extends beyond failure recovery. Preventative maintenance is essential for power and cooling systems, and N+N redundancy enables these systems to undergo maintenance without causing any downtime. This proactive strategy ensures that the data center remains operational and optimised for peak performance.

In the relentless pursuit of uninterrupted operations, N+N redundancy emerges as a beacon of reliability for data centers. As technology advances and the digital landscape becomes more intricate, the “two of everything” approach stands as a testament to the commitment to reliability, resilience, and the assurance that, even in the face of adversity, the data the seamless operation of data centers, making it a valuable asset in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Rohan Sheth

Head of Colocation & Data Center Services

With over 17 years of extensive experience in the real estate and data center industry, Rohan has been instrumental in driving key projects including large-scale colocation data center facilities. He possesses deep expertise in land acquisition, construction, commercial real estate and contract management among other critical areas of end-to-end development of hyperscale data center parks and built-to-suit data center facilities across India. At Yotta, Rohan spearheads the data center build and colocation services business with a focus on expanding Yotta’s pan-India data center footprint.


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