Yotta NM1, Mumbai Region

Businesses get unmatched performance, fault-tolerance, uptime and cost-efficient colocation services with Yotta NM1 datacenter. Located in Navi Mumbai, it is India’s most awarded and the only multi-tenant Tier IV datacenter facility.

Indigenously World-class

An epitome of excellence and the trailblazer of India’s hyperscale data center growth story, Yotta NM1, situated at our Navi Mumbai Data Center Park, offers the highest quality colocation services that are defined and validated by leading global standards. Having emerged as the preferred colocation data center across industries, Yotta NM1 is entrusted by leading enterprises to keep their businesses fail-proof with its signature performance and award-winning operational excellence.



IT Power


Fiber Paths


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Gateway to the Digital World

Yotta understands the needs of modern-age hyperconnected digital ecosystems, and data centers must serve as hubs for global connectivity.

When businesses colocate at Yotta NM1, they are assured of seamless, simplified, redundant and high-performance connectivity to their hybrid IT environment with access to a host of Internet Service Providers, Cloud Services Providers, Internet Exchanges, Content Delivery Networks and Telcos.

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Step into Yotta NM1 and you will be greeted with an intelligently designed, ultra-modern data center purpose-built to the highest standards and specifications. Our state-of-the-art server floors, redundant power and connectivity, multi-tier security and top-notch facilities make NM1 amongst the finest data centers anywhere in India.

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  • NM1 DC Building
  • Server Hall
  • Battery & UPS
  • Terrace Chiller
  • Office Space
  • Chilled Water Distribution
  1. Unmatched Cost

    Lowest rack and power charges. SEZ duties and tax benefits, and forex billing.

  2. Dense Network

    Presence of all major telcos, Internet Exchanges, Internet Services and dedicated fiber paths

  3. Efficient Power

    50MW IT power with 48-hour backup, along with on-site power distribution and generation capability.

  4. Robust Support System

    Dedicated office seating spaces, storage rooms, MMRs, and on-site residential stay facilities.

4 Reasons to Consider Yotta NM1 Data Center

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