From Migration to Transformation:
Dnyandeep Co-operative Credit Society Ltd.’s Journey of Digital Expansion with Yotta NM1

Dnyandeep's Seamless Transition to Yotta NM1: Driving Enhanced Expansion and Digital Transformation through Hyper-Converged Infrastructure, Yielding Remarkable Cost Savings, and Increased Efficiency

About the Company

Dnyandeep Co-operative Credit Society Ltd. was established 45 years ago on September 2, 1978, with 300 members and a share capital of Rs. 13,000. The organization’s journey, which began in BMC ‘L’ ward 45 years ago, has significantly grown and expanded throughout Maharashtra today. Currently, the institution operates in 8 divisional offices, encompassing 110 branches, and is overseen by the Corporate Office in Mumbai. With the awareness of the challenges in the state, Dnyandeep was founded with the aim of assisting individuals in society during their financial crises and supporting farmers in rural areas. Over the past 25 years, Dnyandeep has gained recognition as the top-ranked cooperative credit society in the state.  It stands out as one of the few organizations within the cooperative credit society to be honoured with the Sahakar Bhushan Award in 2016 and the Sahakar Maharshi Award in 2017.

Unlocking Tomorrow’s Potential with Yotta

With 25 years of experience, Shri Jijaba Sitaram Pawar, the Chairman of Dnyandeep Co-operative Credit Society, possesses extensive expertise in the government sector. He is also the government nominee for the committee responsible for recovery and management control of cooperative societies. Additionally, he holds the position of Vice Chairman at Vidyavardhini Education Society and serves as a Director member for the Maharashtra State Cooperative Credit Societies Federation. Furthermore, he has successfully established the Maharashtra Rajya Bigar Krushi Sahakari Patsanstha Federation, consisting of 600 members.

Currently, Dnyandeep has total deposits of INR 3,382 crores and loans of INR 2,590 crores, contributing to a business volume of INR 5,900 crores. With a database of 2,80,000 members, they collect daily deposits amounting to 4.5 cr.

With the ambition of expanding Dnyandeep’s impact, Shri Jijaba Sitaram Pawar and his team sought to migrate to a Tier 4 certified hyperscale data center. Their goals were manifold – to expand and improve Dnyandeep’s operational resilience and data management, to enhance its cybersecurity posture to protect sensitive data and maintain customer trust, & to reduce investment costs.

After recognizing various parameters, Yotta became Dnyandeep’s choice due to its extensively expandable data center infrastructure. With a capacity of 7,200 racks and being fault-tolerant after achieving Tier IV certification from Uptime Institute, Yotta stands out in the industry.


Dnyandeep encountered challenges with infrastructure complexity and maintenance costs, resulting in high expenses for maintenance, complicated management procedures, and ineffective resource utilization. Additionally, when opting for a data center provider it was crucial to select one that fully complied with RBI cybersecurity regulations.


Their criteria for selecting a colocation provider were highly rigorous. After assessing numerous data center facilities in Mumbai, they decided on Yotta. The internal IT team of Dnyandeep, along with Yotta's IT team, successfully transferred all their IT equipment and servers to Yotta NM1 within a span of just two days.


Dnyandeep achieved substantial savings in investment costs by reducing expenses to 50% through consolidating server infrastructure and harnessing the efficiency of Yotta's infrastructure and software solutions.

“We are extremely pleased with the exceptional 24/7 expert support provided to us throughout the Data Migration Phase. Additionally, we were thoroughly impressed by the comprehensive Yotta Infrastructure, meeting our requirements across digital security, 15 layers of physical security, and robust cyber security measures and scalability in the future. In the future, Dnyandeep is planning to be a Channel Partner with Yotta and work in Access Network Control”


Shri Jijaba Sitaram Pawar – Chairman

Beyond Horizons: Dnyandeep’s Digital Journey Begins

Dnyandeep encountered a significant infrastructure challenge before migrating to Yotta. They had 12 servers in operation, which resulted in high maintenance expenses, complex management processes, and inefficient resource utilization. Each server required individual attention, leading to increased time and monetary overheads. Along with having to adhere to stringent regulatory requirements set by the RBI, necessitating robust security measures to protect against cyber threats and ensure compliance. They also needed to adapt to evolving business needs and technological advancements while maintaining scalability and future readiness in its infrastructure.

Yotta offered them robust infrastructure solutions with seamless migration, as a result of which, the bank was able to achieve higher levels of availability and resilience, thereby reducing the risk of downtime and data loss. With an impressive uptime of 99.999% and around-the-clock expert support during the data migration phase, the bank’s daily operations remained unaffected during the migration phase.

Yotta also incorporated various security services such as DDoS protection, SIEM, PAM, and vulnerability assessment and penetration testing (VAPT). These measures enhance the bank’s security against cyber threats and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and norms set by the RBI in the BFSI sector.

Dnyandeep Co-operative Credit Society Ltd achieved infrastructure optimization, enhanced efficiency, and streamlined management processes by implementing innovative technologies such as Nutanix and consolidating their server infrastructure from 12 to 4 servers.

Dnyandeep experienced a 50% decrease in investment costs by consolidating server infrastructure and leveraging the efficiency of Yotta’s infrastructure and software solutions. By streamlining management processes, reducing maintenance expenses, and improving resource utilization, achieved significant operational cost savings.

In conclusion, by partnering with Yotta and adopting its integrated infrastructure solution, the bank successfully transformed its IT environment, overcoming challenges, and enhancing its operational efficiency, resilience, and security posture.